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Bat Removal Services for Johns Creek, GA

Welcome! We have had the privilege of serving the Johns Creek area of Georgia with our Bat Removal services for over 10+ years now and look forward to many more! We understand that having bats in your home or building can be alarming but we are here to help. We have provided a little about us apart along with a few general considerations with the bat removal process and if it is an emergency you can just jump right to calling us for immediate assistance. No matter who you chose to remove the bats we want to arm you with some info so you know what to expect. We are here for you. Thanks and have a good day!

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This is our family…

One of the main reasons we started this business is because we wanted to have passion for what we do and not just make a paycheck. And so on every job we take, not just our Bat Removal work, there is an owner there to ensure our exceptional standards are upheld.

Our Inspections…

Are some of the most thorough in this business! We do not want to miss anything when it comes to removing the bats from your home. We include plenty of photos to help explain what exactly is going on instead of having to rely on our words alone.

Our Warranty…

is the BEST in the nuisance wildlife industry. We stand behind our work every step of the way and go above and beyond to provide you with the peace of mind that you made the right choice with us!

Common Bat Issues in

Bats in Attics in Johns Creek

This is more of a common occurrence than people think since bats can fit into holes and crevices as small as half an inch and often are in inaccessible parts of the structure. Care must be taken as many bat species are protected due to their contribution to the environment and their small numbers. We specialize in quickly and humanely removing any of the colonizing bats in Georgia.

Bats Under Decks in Johns Creek

Bats can also roost under decks or behind shutters. While this often is not as much of an issue compared to them actually entering a structure they can cause not only an unsightly mess from their dirt and oil rubbing on surfaces and their guano can pose health issues which we cover down below. No matter where the bats are there is a solution to their presence and while it is beneficial to have them around we want them to roost in a natural setting.

Guano cleanup in Johns Creek

While guano is an excellent fertilizer its build-up in or around our homes and buildings can pose a health risk that everyone should be aware of. Proper guano cleanup requires protective gear, complete removal of the bats, removal of the guano and a thorough sanitization process. We include an estimate to remove the guano, sanitize and deodorize the attic after our bat removal process.

Bats are a PROTECTED species

We have listed the required steps below

Bat Removal Steps (Non-Maternity season)

That all companies MUST follow!

Inspection –

An inspection must be performed to establish where the bats are, what needs to be excluded (sealed-up) to keep them out, and how much guano there is plus the cost of the clean-up.

One-step Exclusion –

If the bats are visible and every last one can be chased out then they can go ahead and seal up the home with galvanized metal products & using galvanized screws. Do not allow them to “staple” the material. Squirrels can & will push through allowing bats in once again! FREE 10-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!

Two-step Exclusion –

If the bats are NOT completely visible and unable to get them ALL chased out, the technician will have to install an exclusion device which allows the bats to go out but stops them from coming back in. After a couple weeks they have to make a return trip to take down the device and close off that final section.  Ask if the proposal includes the costs of the return trip and the exclusion device. 

Bat Removal Steps (Maternity season)

That all companies MUST follow!

Breeding Inspection –

A different inspection MUST be performed, in addition to the normal inspection listed above, to establish whether or not it is a bachelor colony or maternity ward.  (Warning: If the technician tells you that he cannot get access to the bats to see if there are flightless babies – He MUST treat it like a Maternity Ward to prevent killing any babies!)

Maternity Ward Exclusion –

If it is a Maternity Ward then it requires an extra step. First they would seal up the parts of the house that the bats are not using for exit or entry – leaving the active entry completely open.  Once that is done they have to wait until babies have grown and are flighted.

Maternity Ward Revisit –

Once there are not anymore flightless babies then they can resume with the steps depending on if they can chase them out and seal it up or have to install an exclusion device that allows the bats to leave but unable to return which calls for yet another return visit to remove and seal up.

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